Lar Dos Velhinhos


A nurturing and friendly environment is a priority at Lar dos Velhinhos.

Initially built as a home for the elderly community in Piranga, Lar Dos Velhinhos (Home for the Elderly) has become not just a safe haven for the elderly, but also for people of all ages who cannot provide for themselves due to illness or financial difficulties. The Da Terra Brasil Foundation works to improve the Institution’s quality of care and housing conditions. It is our goal to ensure that all residents are given a place of safety, dignity and feeling of belonging.

Since its launch, the Da Terra Brasil Foundation has significantly added to the quality of care and the housing conditions of the residents of the Lar dos Velhinhos, our very first undertaking. Because of the great generosity of friends and volunteers, we were able to purchase the institution’s very first washing machine, repair walls that were severely damaged by mold conditions, replace old and broken furniture, and replace old curtains for new wooden doors throughout the building, bringing a sense of privacy and dignity to the Lar dos Velhinhos residents. We have built an outdoor patio with a garden and a comfortable seating arrangement so that the residents have a place to relax, get fresh air, and receive visitors. It is our goal to ensure that all who come through their doors in need are given a place of safety, care and belonging.