Rodopios e Piruetas


“Dance as a process of inclusion for children with disabilities.”

Rodopios is a project created by students at the Emescan University of Medicine in Vitória, Brazil and Mariana Reis, a disabled physical educator and dance choreographer. Its mission is to promote the social inclusion of underprivileged disabled children in wheelchairs by exposing them to dance and music. Rodopios offers lessons to disabled children led by student coaches who are not disabled . The coaches help those taking lessons in wheelchairs maneuver around the dance studio.

The aim of these lessons is to help disabled children overcome barriers by encouraging and promoting large muscle movements, greater joint mobility, spatial awareness, personal development as well as an overall   improved quality of life. With every lesson the participants are exposed to the unlimited potential for expression through dance and music. By creating an environment for disabled children to experiment and be creative, the children will feel empowered regardless of their physical challenges.

We partnered with Instituto Solidário, a non-profit organization, to provide the equipment required for these lessons and to finance the continued expansion of the Rodopios project. We also plan to organize a series of events where disabled students will perform for audiences in various venues.

Together for a Cause!